New Global Digital Training Resource Launches to Provide Essential Insights into Dyslexia

The Schenck School joins Made By Dyslexia, and Microsoft to help Students, Parents, Teachers

ATLANTA, February 5, 2019 – The Schenck School today announced its role in a digital resources initiative intended to reach millions of dyslexic students, their parents, and educators around the world. The Atlanta school was chosen by Made By Dyslexia, a global nonprofit supported by Sir Richard Branson. School faculty are featured in the nonprofit’s partnership project with technology giant Microsoft. This partnership produced digital awareness and training videos to inform global audiences about dyslexia.

In the video training modules, School faculty share their highly specialized knowledge as featured experts. These instructive, web-based videos are now available to educators, parents, and students at no cost through the Microsoft Educator Platform.

“Our mission every day is to build a solid educational foundation for students with dyslexia and to help them unlock their potential,” said Josh Clark, Head of School. “Dyslexics visualize, create, and connect to the world through their own unique prism and this collaboration delivers that message and our work to more students who deserve every opportunity to excel academically and in life.”

Clark, along with second and fifth-grade teachers Isoline Abels and Hart Stuck, traveled to London in November for the production of the videos. The project was unveiled in London on January 24 at BETT, the world’s largest education technology event. Clark joined representatives from Microsoft and Made By Dyslexia for the launch. The global nonprofit, supported by British businessman Richard Branson, was founded to dispel misconceptions about dyslexia and to develop solutions that help children unleash their potential. Sir Branson and actors Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley also are featured in the project sharing their experiences with dyslexia.

Representatives from The Schenck School will take part in a U.S. road show to showcase the training videos which are available for review online:

To learn more about Made By Dyslexia visit their website here:

“The opportunity to partner with these top-tier philanthropic and technology organizations speaks to the quality and caliber of our educators and staff,” said John Miller, Chairman of The Schenck School Board of Trustees. “We have long witnessed the passion these professionals bring to their work, and now a global community of educators, parents, and students will benefit from their expertise.”

In 2014, The Schenck School launched The Dyslexia Resource, a community outreach initiative which helps students overcome reading deficiencies and counts teacher training among its nationally recognized programs. The nonprofit currently is engaged in an ongoing partnership with Purpose Built Schools Atlanta and provides direct services to students at Thomasville Heights Elementary School.

About Dyslexia

Dyslexia is fairly common. In fact, researchers believe one in five individuals in the U.S. is dyslexic. Often, dyslexia is inherited, and more than one child in a given family may be a dyslexic learner. Dyslexia affects the way the brain processes language and how language is heard, spoken, read, or spelled. Dyslexia manifests differently by individual and may create difficulties with working memory, attention, and organization. This learning difference does not affect intelligence or potential. Dyslexics are typically average to above average in intelligence, and many are at the top of their professions, including business, entertainment, and athletics. For more information about dyslexia visit

The Dyslexia Resource

The Dyslexia Resource is a 501(c)(3) Atlanta-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering communities to serve dyslexic learners. We serve parents, families, students, individuals, organizations, and educators with our best-in-class resources, thanks to our affiliation with The Schenck School, research-based information, and our network of experts. Learn more at

The Schenck School

The Schenck School is widely regarded as one of the top schools for dyslexic students in the United States. We focus on the accelerated remediation of dyslexia using the highly effective Orton-Gillingham Approach. While reading and writing are central to our curriculum, The Schenck School offers a comprehensive educational program for Kindergarten through sixth grade. Our goal is to help students develop intellectually and to reenter mainstream schools successfully. Additional information can be found at

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New Global Digital Training Resource Launches to Provide Essential Insights into Dyslexia

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