Online Labor Demand Edges up in Georgia

NATIONAL– August 06– 2015– Online advertised vacancies rose 83,700 to 5,384,400 in July, according to The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine® (HWOL) Data Series,released Wednesday.

In July, online labor demand was up in 38 States and down in 12.  The South experienced a July increase of 25,700. Among larger States in the region, Georgia rose 3,000 to 163,600. Virginia had the largest increase, 5,800, to 155,900. North Carolina gained 2,600 to 142,900. Florida inched up 800 to 273,900. Texas dropped 4,800 to 383,000. Maryland slipped 200 to 105,600. Among the smaller States, Alabama gained 4,900 to 61,300; Kentucky rose 2,100 to 56,900; and West Virginia increased 1,900 to 23,200. South Carolina and Mississippi rose 800 to 69,100 and 29,500 respectively. Louisiana dropped 600 to 56,000.

“Demand has flattened over the past five months, with alternating monthly increases followed by decreases,” said Gad Levanon, Managing Director, Macroeconomic and Labor Market Research. “Overall, 2015 has shown moderate gains averaging about 38,000 per month, largely due to the very strong January and February increases.”

The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine® Data Series (HWOL) measures the number of new, first-time online jobs and jobs reposted from the previous month for over 16,000 Internet job boards, corporate boards and smaller job sites that serve niche markets and smaller geographic areas.

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