Orasi Debuts ‘OARS Powered by Tableau,’ a Next-Generation Solution for Simple, Intuitive Data Visualization and Reporting


KENNESAW, GA— September 29, 2016— Orasi Software, an Atlanta-based software quality reseller and professional services company, has released a major update of its popular data visualization product, Orasi Advanced Reporting Solution (OARS). With OARS Powered by Tableau, executives and software team members can order and visualize—in near-real-time—a diverse array of cross-platform, cross-project software activity metrics and KPIs, with extensive drill-down capabilities for maximum decision-making power.

“For more than a decade, Orasi has worked to develop reporting automation solutions that free software professionals from the time and complexity of manual reporting,” said Orasi Software President and CEO Nick Kavadellas. “Thanks to the evolution of incredibly powerful data extraction, processing and visualization technologies, we have been able to dramatically accelerate and enhance our product’s capabilities.”

The analytics and visualization functions of the product are now powered by Tableau and enhanced by Alteryx, two industry-leading business intelligence software platforms. Alteryx technology automates data extraction from multiple sources and normalizes it to resolve the inconsistencies in names and values common in disparate databases. On the user side, Tableau’s data visualization technology formats and graphically displays the data, with users consuming it in their choice of reports, dashboards and other views—including custom views and reports to meet their specific needs. And, whereas earlier incarnations of OARS were service offerings, OARS Powered by Tableau is a self-contained product complete with full product support including ongoing updates and enhancements.

Highlights of OARS Powered by Tableau include:

  • Insightful, actionable metrics, KPIs and reports span the entire software development lifecycle
  • Aggregated data extraction and reporting provides consolidated views across teams, projects and more
  • Extensive catalog of actionable quality metrics, with detailed description for each, including calculation method and examples of use
  • Intuitive interface offers drill-down and time-slice capabilities to the most detailed level
  • Data security rules built into the interface
  • No need to learn proprietary scripting languages or database queries
  • Deep integration with HPE ALM; can be extended to other operational data from in-house databases as well as tools such as JIRA, Rally, VersionOne, Subversion, and others

“OARS Powered by Tableau provides software teams with functionality that traditionally has been available only by writing custom logic,” said Kavadellas. “This product will dramatically speed the executive decision making that leads to higher-quality software while substantially boosting software team productivity and quality awareness.”

About Orasi Software, Inc.
Orasi is a leading provider of software, support, training and consulting services. Through strategic industry partnerships, Orasi offers market-leading automated testing, application performance management/intelligence, test data management and coverage, continuous delivery/integration, big data and mobile technologies to enable customers to focus on a complete software quality lifecycle. For more than 14 years, Orasi has helped customers successfully implement and integrate software testing environments to reduce the cost and risk of software failures. www.orasi.com

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