Partnership Streamlines Access to Utility Data for Government Agencies, Colleges and Commercial Institutions


ATLANTA, GA & AUSTIN TX — November 01, 2016– Urjanet, the leading global provider of automated, standardized utility data, today announced a partnership with THG Energy Solutions, LLC, provider of web-based energy management solutions. Urjanet will provide customer utility data to THG for import into its Energy Intelligence Suite, a leading energy management platform. The partnership enables THG to leverage Urjanet’s proprietary technology and extensive utility network to acquire data from disparate sources, aggregating the data into a single feed that THG can utilize to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.

THG provides utility bill management services for local governments, higher education institutions, healthcare providers, banking and finance facilities, retail electric providers, energy suppliers, and other market segments involving multi-facility, multi-commodity utility bill management. The company’s products collect and analyze customer utility data as well as interval and sub-metered data to help customers pinpoint areas for cost savings and improved utilization. Prior to Urjanet, THG relied on various methods of gathering data, including manually entering data from paper bills into its system.

“Urjanet has built a broad, secure, and reliable process for utility data integration. This compliments and completes THG’s other data management capabilities,” says Daniel Frey, President at THG. ”Urjanet allows us to focus on providing the best and most complete energy and utility management service offerings to our clients across North America.”

Urjanet’s cloud-based platform automatically collects and processes utility data as soon as it is made available by utilities, providing customers with a single feed of their utility bill data from hundreds or thousands of separate utility accounts. Urjanet provides a comprehensive set of data points covering usage, cost and tariffs in a standardized format, which can easily be used in analytics and reporting systems. THG will have immediate access to data, while eliminating data entry errors and enabling its customers to advance their energy management practices with the data necessary to control energy consumption and costs. Urjanet provides data from more than 3,500 electric, gas, water and waste utilities across North America, Europe, and Asia.

“THG gathers data from hundreds of utilities that each use a different billing format, which creates a complex challenge that can’t be overcome by traditional methods,” says Sanjoy Malik, CEO at Urjanet. “THG can focus on delivering the powerful intelligence its customers love. We’re proud to work with a company that has such a long-standing and highly-respected reputation in energy management.”

Based in Austin, THG Energy Solutions, LLC is a comprehensive energy and demand management solutions provider that helps commercial, industrial, and governments manage and implement cost savings through demand reduction strategies combined with energy and utility data management best practices. THG educates, organizes, and empowers clients to achieve savings by becoming more informed energy managers for the facilities they operate. THG’s private labeled energy intelligence platform helps industry partners such as energy consulting and supply companies provide state of the art demand management and energy intelligence offerings to commercial clients.

Urjanet’s mission is to provide the world with easy access to automated utility data. Our cloud-based platform connects directly to utilities to seamlessly acquire and normalize disparate utility bill and interval data. The processed data is delivered directly to industry-leading business applications. Public and private organizations across the world use Urjanet data to achieve sustainability goals and reduce energy consumption and cost. Urjanet is rapidly becoming the global standard for utility data and powers applications from the leading energy and sustainability solutions providers. Urjanet is a privately-held company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit

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