PartnerTech Joins Swedish American Chamber at Amerikadagen

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ATLANTA– November 09, 2015– PartnerTech Inc., a leading high-tech electronics manufacturer, President, Gary Bruce, will open the second session of the annual America Day conference held this year at the Lindholmen Conference Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. The America Day conference is the foremost opportunity to gain insight on U.S. opportunities and learn more about U.S.-Swedish trade relations.

The conference, coordinated by the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce USA, Sweden and West Sweden will be held this year on November 12th at the Lindholmen Conference Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. Leaders from top international corporations such as Getinge AB and Volvo will present on successfully expanding into the U.S. market. Dignitaries representing the U.S. and Sweden will be a part of the speaker lineup including Andreas von Uexkull, Minister Counselor, Swedish Embassy, Washington DC will discuss two major global trade agreements, TPP and TTIP.

Gary Bruce, PartnerTech Inc. President and Chair of SACC USA, will open the second session of America Day where executives from leading global corporations will share wisdom gained from expansion into U.S. markets. The dynamic lineup of speakers will cover topics including navigating U.S. regulatory agencies, investing in infrastructure, and the impact proposed global trade agreements would have on expanding.

Bruce states, “America Day is essential for Swedish businesses considering expansion in the U.S. market. The day includes a dynamic lineup of speakers from well-known international companies and representatives from Swedish and U.S. embassies. In addition to speaker presentations, there will be panel discussions to further explore solutions to common challenges faced with expansion into the U.S. Learn from their experience and be prepared for success”.

The conference will present three sessions, each packed with important information about expanding business in the U.S. Session one will cover essential information on regulatory issues, handling cultural differences, financing and a first-hand success story. Session two, with opening remarks from Gary Bruce, will include a presentation by Andreas von Uexkull on TPP and TTIP, two proposed major global trade agreements as well as important information on investing in infrastructure in the U.S. The final session will explore technology in future business opportunities and a “Vision to Reality” case study.

The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce USA, as the umbrella organization for 18 regional Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, serves over 2,300 members in Sweden and the US. They are the second largest European chamber of commerce in the U.S. and host a number of events and activities designed to assist Swedish and U.S. companies establish and expand business on both sides of the Atlantic.

About PartnerTech
PartnerTech is a global industrial partner offering customized solutions throughout the product lifecycle, from product development to manufacturing and aftermarket services, in a number of industries like MedTech and Oil & Gas.

PartnerTech Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PartnerTech AB of Sweden and offers expertise in systems integration and postponement manufacturing, making them an obvious choice for companies seeking to lower costs through better forecasting, supply chain alternatives, and efficiencies in distribution and management of capital investments. Services are tailored to fit the needs of each client, with regard to scaling production, shipping expertise, and sourcing methods.

PartnerTech AB was recently acquired by Scanfil Oyj, a Finnish-based contract manufacturer and systems integration provider offering its products and services to international telecommunications systems manufacturers and professional electronics companies. Products include automation systems, frequency converters, lift control systems, equipment and systems for electricity production and transmission and meteorological instruments. The company has production facilities in China, Estonia, Hungary, Germany and Finland.

SACC-USA is a non-profit membership organization with activities at the regional, national, and international level. Our network consists of 20 Regional Chambers across the U.S. represented by the umbrella organization SACC-USA with offices in Washington, D.C. and Sweden. The Regional Chambers serve corporate and individual members in their geographic area, while SACC-USA serves corporate and individual members in Sweden. SACC-USA represents the whole network in Sweden and functions as a bridge between the two countries.

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