Salesfusion Completes its Series B Funding Round at $13.5M


ATLANTA– November 17, 2015– Salesfusion, the leading marketing automation provider to small and medium sized-businesses (SMB), announced today the close of its Series B funding round. Adding $10.1M to the initial tranche raised in 2014, the company closed its Series B with a total of $13.5M raised, bringing its total capital raised to $14.5M.

Salesfusion’s investors read like a “who’s who” of the top cloud software investors. They include: Noro-Moseley Partners, BLH Venture Partners, Alerion Ventures, Tech Square Ventures, Ellis Capital, Dave Williams, and Hallett Capital, which was the sole Series A investor. Noro-Moseley led the Series B. The company will utilize the funds to launch the next generation of its product, Salesfusion 360x, increase its market reach and expand its sales team.

“There is enormous opportunity for SMB players to adopt and leverage marketing automation the way the enterprise market has,” said Alan Taetle, General Partner at Noro-Moseley and a Salesfusion board member. “With the introduction of Salesfusion 360x, the SMB market will finally have the complete, easy-to-use marketing automation solution it needs – and, at an affordable price point.”

“Historically, small and medium-sized businesses have been underserved by marketing automation providers, who’ve prioritized the needs of larger enterprise businesses,” said Salesfusion CEO Carol O’Kelley. “Salesfusion has taken a different approach by putting the requirements of SMBs first, finally making marketing automation accessible to this critical segment of our economy. Not only are we bringing enterprise-class solutions to the SMB market, but tailored to the unique needs of the SMB.”

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