Savannah Police Implements Automated License Plate Readers

SAVANNAH, Ga. –November 23, 2015– Savannah-Chatham police have deployed automated license plate readers within all of its precincts, with plans to add additional units and capacities.

Last week, metro officers were trained to use the readers and training for additional officers is being scheduled for the future.

Units fixed with license plate readers can scan and compare fields of data applicable to passing vehicles with local, state and national law enforcement databases. The databases help identify stolen vehicles and vehicles associated with reported crimes. SCMPD will utilize the readers in targeted “hot spots” to impact auto theft and stolen vehicle recovery rates. The readers also will support the Violent Crimes Task Force.

“Modern technology is a crucial component of effective law enforcement,” said SCMPD Chief Joseph H. Lumpkin. “As another tool within our toolbox, we look forward to the positive impact the license plate readers will have on our community.”

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