Springbot Introduces Dynamic Facebook and Instagram Re-targeting Feature Just in Time for the Holidays


ATLANTA, GA— September 8, 2016— Springbot, an eCommerce marketing platform, today launched enhanced retargeting for Facebook and Instagram to its existing web retargeting capability. Through its partnership with AdRoll, Springbot’s Facebook and Instagram retargeting capabilities will allow Magento and Shopify retailers to build highly customizable static or dynamic ads based on website visitor and customer data uniquely available within the Springbot dashboard.

With Springbot’s retargeting functionality, retailers can now personalize Facebook and Instagram ads – featuring products relevant to that customer’s past purchases or recently viewed content on the retailer’s website. Ultimately, by offering customized ads to the right individuals across highly targeted channels – like Facebook and Instagram – retailers can increase view-through and click-through rates and convert more online window shoppers into buyers.

“Unlike a lot of other marketing tactics, behavioral retargeting is geared towards customers at the middle and bottom of the funnel and helps close the sale,” said Erika Jolly Brookes, CMO at Springbot. “In fact, with only two percent of first time site traffic converting, behavior based retargeting plays a key role in providing the omnichannel marketing solutions marketers must use across social and digital channels to grow their business.”

Springbot’s intuitive dashboard gives retailers access to easily track site and store conversions from social as well as web site retargeting efforts. They can seamlessly make changes by uploading and building both dynamic and static ad campaigns within the Springbot platform.

“We’re excited to provide the core technology to help our partner Springbot bring cutting edge functionality like retargeting with dynamic ad creative to their customer base,” said Adam Berke, president and CMO of AdRoll. “API partnerships like this are a great way for AdRoll to stay true to our mission, to build the most powerful marketing platform through performance, usability, and openness.”

Springbot customers will now be able to:

  • Create and launch static and dynamic web, Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads directly in their Springbot dashboard
  • Reach valuable audiences on social channels where they’re primed to engage with content they trust
  • Continue to use previously released dynamic and static web site retargeting
  • Gain deeper insights into campaign performance and understand how retargeting performs against other marketing channels like email newsletters, triggered emails, and organic social marketing.

For more information on Springbot’s Facebook and Instagram dynamic retargeting capabilities, please visit http://www.springbot.com for a live demonstration of how this feature works.

About Springbot
Springbot delivers an eCommerce marketing platform to small and medium businesses that combines the power of marketing automation and marketing analytics. The cloud-based offering integrates and makes simple the data, content and multi-channel marketing tools (social, online, email, etc.) eCommerce website owners need to drive more traffic, conversions and revenue. Springbot helps eCommerce Shopify and Magento merchants grow their revenue by taking smarter, data-driven marketing actions.

To learn more information about Springbot, please visit our http://www.springbot.com or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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