Strome Fiber Holdings Acquires Former Assets of AF-Southeast, LLC (Operating subsidiary of Allied Fiber, LLC)


ATLANTA, GA — August 19, 2016 — Strome Fiber Holdings, LLC announced today that it has acquired all of the network and colocation assets of AF-Southeast, LLC.  The acquired network and colocation assets consist of a contiguous dark fiber network, constructed along secure private right-of-ways, that extends from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, Florida including interconnection to key data centers in both markets and strategic access points in between.

“We are pleased to announce this acquisition, along with new products and services to provide value for our customers,” said Scott Drake, CEO of Strome Networks.  “We are focused on our customers’ needs, and we tailor custom solutions and services for them.  Our network is fast and of the highest quality and lowest latency existing today between key Internet peering markets in the Southeast.”

Strome Networks owns and operates a dark fiber network from Miami to Jacksonville, with over 110,000 optical miles of available capacity, a Georgia dark fiber network of approximately 63,000 optical miles of available capacity continuing from Jacksonville, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia, and eleven Type-II data and colocation facilities along the route.  Services and products include dark fiber IRUs, dark fiber leasing, lateral construction, colocation building design and construction, and leasing of cabinet space in its eleven colocation facilities.

According to Drake, a key growth strategy for Strome Networks is to actively evaluate new dark fiber network expansion opportunities.  Additionally, the company plans to light some of the fiber and offer lit services from 1 Gig to 100 Gig point-to-point services.

All former AF-Southeast, LLC customer contracts were assumed in the asset purchase agreement along with all key network and vendor agreements.  The management of Strome Networks, LLC includes a well-qualified core team of key employees who managed the construction and ongoing maintenance of the network and the colocations facilities.

“Strome Fiber Holdings and its subsidiaries are well-positioned to address their market opportunities and to build long-term value for their shareholders,” said Mark Strome, CEO of Strome Mezzanine Fund IV.  “This new management team brings a healthy, fresh, and innovative approach to our technology investments.  I am pleased to announce this acquisition and my continued support for the Companies.”

The transaction was completed on August 1, 2016.

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