StudentBridge Takes College Recruiting to New Level of Personalization with Virtual Campus Experiences


ATLANTA, GA—November 10, 2016— With college application season now in full swing, most students are looking to answer the question “Will I Get In?” as they embark on the admissions’ process. On the institutional side, colleges and universities are actively marketing their schools in order to meet deadlines and fill their 2017 freshman classes. One company, however, is redefining that process by focusing on the question “Will I Fit In?” rather than just “Will I Get In?” in order to match the right students with the right schools and prevent high dropout and transfer rates.

StudentBridge, inc., a two-year-old startup based in Atlanta, is the brainchild of Jonathan Clues, a former race car driver from the UK turned entrepreneur. Passionate about education but with no college degree himself, Clues was determined to pave a better path for young people after climbing his own ladder of success, especially after the birth of his daughter. Several years of research and $2M in seed funding later, Clues moved to the US and observed an unsettling trend among college students: too many were dropping out or transferring after their freshman year. As a result, colleges were losing millions of dollars in tuition money and students were left directionless and riddled in debt.

Clues and his team produced various iterations of virtual experiences specific to higher education institutions to create what is today StudentBridge, a B2B digital media agency specializing in educational recruiting and retention solutions. High production values and storytelling served as the backbone of the company’s core product offering, used to share the stories of what truly goes on inside a college or university’s walls as opposed to just showcasing beautiful architecture and talking heads found on most standard videos. Virtual Campus Experiences combine video view books and interactive maps, bringing students as close to the campus as they can come short of visiting. The experience also provides schools with an extensive backend platform which accurately tracks visitors and weeds out browsers from the more serious applicants.

StudentBridge’s recent acquisition of Campus Bubble and Campus Glance, both digital engagement tools, provides students with a personalized connection to the college. Here, accepted students log on to their own webpages to interface with current and future students, search for roommates, meet faculty members and get a better sense of the school’s culture, all answering the question “Will I fit in?” throughout the entire application process.

Since opening its doors in 2014, StudentBridge has doubled in size and has signed on more than 100 top-notch university and higher education clients, including military institutions looking to diversify their student bodies and exclusive private high schools looking to gain a competitive edge. Touted as a media solution that is slated change the landscape of college admissions, 2017 projections for StudentBridge include significant growth, new platform acquisitions, and Series A funding.

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