TAG FinTech Launches ADVANCE Innovation Recognition Program

Advance Awards V1.5

ATLANTA (Aug. 22, 2016) – The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), the state’s foremost association devoted to the advancement of Georgia’s technology industry, today announced the TAG FinTech ADVANCE Awards, which honor successful implementations of technology in FinTech. While a lot of attention is given to startups and innovation labs, TAG FinTech ADVANCE Award winners will be those companies and technology which are in production, bringing measurable results and generally advancing the financial industry through the use of technology. Winners are also expected to show a connection to Georgia, such as a corporate presence in the state, strategic partners, customers, board members or other relationships that have helped the company to prosper.

TAG FinTech ADVANCE Award winners will be prominently featured at the society’s annual event in February and in TAG’s news channels. Companies or their partners can nominate successful Fintech utilizations now at www.tagonline.org/tag-fintech-advance-awards until October 15, 2016. There is no charge to enter.

“The impact of FinTech isn’t always obvious,” said Sean Banks, partner of TTV Capital and TAG FinTech society chair. “When technology works in our industry, it can often be reducing fraud, lowering the costs of transactions or even keeping companies compliant with federal regulations. The TAG FinTech ADVANCE Award winners are likely to illustrate tremendous teamwork from FinTech vendors, customer companies and the third party advisors needed to make technology work as it is envisioned.”

About TAG FinTech

TAG FinTech was founded in 2010 to address the specific needs of companies, individuals and investors serving the financial industry both domestically and abroad. Financial technology or FinTech encompasses products, solutions, services and information providers, which drive decisions, process payments and facilitate transactions for financial institutions. TAG FinTech’s mission is to build recognition of Georgia as the hub of choice for the world’s leading financial technology providers with the goal of accelerating the accumulation of capital by its members. For more information about TAG FinTech, visit http://www.tagonline.org/chapters-and-societies/fintech/.

About Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)

TAG is the leading technology industry association in the state, serving more than 30,000 members through regional chapters in Metro Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Macon/Middle Georgia, and Savannah. TAG’s mission is to educate, promote, and unite Georgia’s technology community to foster an innovative and connected marketplace that stimulates and enhances a tech-based economy.

Additionally, the TAG Education Collaborative (TAG’s charitable arm) focuses on helping science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives thrive.

For more information visit the TAG website at http://www.tagonline.org or TAG’s community website at http://www.hubga.com. To learn about the TAG-Ed Collaborative visit http://www.tagedonline.org/.



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