TEALS + You: Teach High School Computer Science and Keep your Day Job



ATLANTA, GA– April o3, 2017– By 2022, there will be 1.1 million unfilled programming jobs. Today, most high schools in the US still don’t offer rigorous CS courses and barely 1 percent of college-level advanced placement exams last year were in CS. You can change that. We need TAG member’s help and are asking you to join a community of hundreds of other engineers and software developers across the industry who are volunteering with TEALS to solve the CS shortage together.

TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools), a part of Microsoft Philanthropies, is an industry-wide, grassroots program that partners computer science professionals with high school teachers to team teach computer science courses. It’s an incredible opportunity to give back and helps make a positive impact in schools and communities across the US. We provide our volunteers with teacher training – so it’s also a great professional development opportunity! You work with a team of volunteers who are partnered with a classroom teacher to team teach Intro or AP computer science in a local high school. Plus, this all happens in the morning – so there is little impact to your work schedule! You teach computer science, help teachers and students, and keep your day job!

TEALS will be in 12 Metro Atlanta schools for the coming school year and we are in need of volunteers for these schools. If you have a background in programming or software development please consider volunteering to help in one of these twelve schools. If you company has an interest in giving back please share our information with your colleagues.

We know that TAG’s mission is to educate, promote, influence and unite Georgia’s technology community, TEALS is an excellent way to help educate Georgia’s future. If you want to help ensure students have the opportunity to study rigorous CS in high school and help spark interest for the future generation of CS professionals, consider volunteering with TEALS. Applications are now available! If you have questions and want to learn more, visit us at tealsk12.org/volunteers or email Tracey Wilson (tracey@tealsk12.org).

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