TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans Provide Coverage Against Traffic Ticket Fines


ATLANTA, GA– August 29, 2016 — TicketGuard, LLC, an Atlanta, Georgia based start-up, has launched its website ticketguardusa.com which offers Citation Protection Plans™ that provide licensed drivers coverage against traffic ticket fines. “TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans were developed to provide coverage against often inconvenient and expensive traffic ticket fines. We provide a solution for payment to any licensed driver who may receive a traffic or parking ticket, with our very unique and innovative coverage plan,” explains Founder and CEO Reuben Levy.

The newly introduced plans cover ticket fines related to speeding, parking, and moving violations. According to TicketGuard, an average of 41 million speeding tickets are issued each year within the U.S., “which means everyday more than 112,000 drivers are handed ticket fines that average $150,” says Levy.

TicketGuard offers nine different plans that are available to everyone from teen drivers to senior citizens. The company says that plan coverage is available to any licensed driver regardless of previous driving background. The coverage plans range in cost from $14.95 for seniors, and up to $49.95 for a family of four plan; however, the company adds that the current plan prices are temporary and for launch promotion. Regular rates range in cost from $22.95 for seniors and up to $75.95 for a family of four.

TicketGuard is the first company to offer such a unique product to U.S. drivers. Company officials anticipate a steady stream of drivers enrolling into its plans. “Over 4,600 drivers are issued a traffic ticket fine each hour across the U.S. and now we’ve introduced a product that changes how drivers pay traffic fines,” proclaims Levy.

Any driver wishing to enroll into the service must visit the company website. Currently, the company is offering free enrollment to all U.S. drivers waiving the regular $19.95 enrollment fee during its launch campaign period. The company allows individuals to cancel enrollment and plan participation, which comes with a money back guarantee.

The company is confident that the innovative coverage plans will be attractive to a large number of drivers across the nation, trusting that drivers will rather pay a small monthly premium in order to avoid paying an expensive traffic ticket fine out of pocket.

About TicketGuard™

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, TicketGuard, LLC offers coverage plans for licensed drivers effectively paying traffic citation fines. Citation Protection Plans are offered via the company’s website: http://www.ticketguardusa.com

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