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ATLANTA, GA — January 4, 2017–Tier 4 Advisors, LLC (Tier4), an industry leader in the procurement of data centers and telecom, managed services, IT security, and other “game-changing IT solutions”; announces Anthony Maiello as President Southwest Region of USA effective January 2, 2018. As a member of the Tier4 team, Anthony will be growing and expanding Tier4 business in the Southwest territory of the United States of America.

In announcing the assignment, Tino Mantella, President and CEO of Tier4 said, “We’re very pleased to have Anthony on the Tier4 team. He brings over 30 years executive and technology related experience to our team. Anthony has the characteristics consistent with Tier4’s values including integrity and client focus. I am confident that Anthony will excel in respect to opening our Southwest market. We are excited to have him on Tier4’s growing team.”

Anthony has held engineering, CIO, CTO, and other senior-level positions at global and prestigious organizations – General Electric, Honeywell, Computer Associates, Reuters, General Dynamics, Sterling, and Sabre Holdings. He has spent ten years on Technology Association of Georgia Board of Directors founding the Smart Grid and Systems Engineering societies. Mr. Maiello is very active with other external groups such as IEEE, INCOSE, Argyle CIO Leadership Forum, and The Technology Association of North Texas where he shares inspirations, delivers keynote presentations, and networks with other technology businesses and professionals.

Anthony has demonstrated a keen ability to help any size organization, public or private, focus on big-picture thinking while enabling executable and marketable commercialization paths around technology transformations delivering company success. He has a history of helping companies position themselves through technology transformations to leapfrog the competition with the highest functionality, performance, quality, safety, and availability that is necessary for current and future demand. For example, over a 12-year span of his career, he helped General Electric rebuild an engineering team structure and transform the industrial Electric Grid into the Smart Grid through intelligent software, smart (IoT) devices, and insights. Anthony also helped Sterling Talent Solutions rebuild its disparate technology organization and aging infrastructure, data centers, and software systems into cutting-edge cloud-based enterprise systems. Resulting in triple revenues and margin growth setting the foundation for the profitable sale of the company to Goldman Sachs.

Anthony Maiello said, “Tier4 has helped many companies over the last several years save a lot of money while accelerating technology offerings to help enable and drive their successes. Like you, I always had a choice through my entire career as to where I want to come to work. I decided to come to Tier4 because its core values are around integrity, honesty, and caring about people and their clients – all things necessary to be successful as well as feel good about what you do every day. I saw how clearly Tier4 has empowered people to do magical things to help make the technology world a better place and many companies very successful. I want to expand this into the Southwest so we can continue this great journey and there is no better company to join if I wanted to make this sort of difference. This is the very same inspiration that continues to drive me today. It’s an incredible honor and privilege for me to work side by side with Tino, Jake, and the rest of the Tier4 team to lead this great company into the Southwest region.”

About Tier 4 Advisors, LLC – Founded in 2013 by Jake Sherrill, Tier4 has changed the way IT professionals procure new IT services by optimizing the procurement cycle with expedited timelines and assistance throughout every step of the project, including price negotiation and service level agreements (SLA) from industry-leading vendors.

Tier4 has created a proprietary global network of over 600 partners and service providers in the data center (colo/cloud), telecom (connectivity/calling), managed services (MSP), and IT security spaces. The company’s services are free to clients and are used by companies ranging from tech startups to global Fortune 100 enterprises for normal and mission-critical procurement projects. Tier4 has played a critical role in hundreds of IT procurement projects since it’s founding and has dozens of “brand name” reference-able clients.

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