TRICK 3D’s Floorplan Revolution® Adds Virtual Reality Capabilities to Groundbreaking Product

ATLANTA, GA– November 1, 2016– TRICK 3D, an immersive content studio specializing in virtual reality (VR) and 3D animation, today announced the release of two new features to Floorplan Revolution®, the company’s flagship residential real estate product: Fly-Thru and Floorplan Revolution VR.

The studio’s powerful VR-enabled product empowers property developers and marketers to transform static 2D floor plans into fully-navigable virtual homes for prospective buyers to tour and explore via smartphone, PC or VR headset – all with nothing more than a simple .jpeg or .png floor plan image. Floorplan Revolution is the first product of its kind and quality in the market. It boasts technology accessibility, quick turn-around times and a competitive pricing model, which makes VR readily available to residential real estate marketers and developers both large and small.

The product’s newest feature, Fly-Thru, provides attention-grabbing and sharable model home videos for use in pre-selling social posting, as well as post-sale social sharing. Also newly-released is Floorplan Revolution VR for the HTC Vive headset. This high-tech option provides fully-immersive homes for buyers to tour and experience in VR, which allows for life-like touring of properties in sales centers – all available before construction begins and foundations are poured.

“From day one, my vision for Floorplan Revolution has not only been to make it simple to access, but also to provide people with a truly captivating and beautiful experience,” said Chad Eikhoff, founder and chief creative officer of TRICK 3D. “We’ve achieved those things with the release of Fly-Thru and Floorplan Revolution VR. I’m excited to be addressing the dilemma around people not being able to picture their future homes – it’s awesome to be solving it and sharing this new VR technology with people.”

Fly-Thru from Floorplan Revolution allows residential property marketers to showcase their virtual show homes through a slick, quick-playing video feature. Fly-Thru is delivered ready to post on Facebook and all other video-ready social media outlets, allowing marketers to post attention-grabbing video tours of model homes before they are even constructed, thus boosting property pre-sales.

Floorplan Revolution VR for the HTC Vive headset enables the most accessible, immersive and photo-real VR model home tour experience currently available in the market. Developers and marketers can now offer prospects entirely immersive, life-like tours of homes in their sales centers through Floorplan Revolution VR for HTC Vive. After positioning the VR headset, buyers digitally walk through homes that have yet to be built; they are able to see and experience each photo-realistic home and are also able to inspect details such as fixtures, flooring, appliances and furnishings. With the use of the HTC Vive remote controller, buyers are able to select various design looks, see the space both furnished and unfurnished, and see daytime light and nighttime hues – all while inside of the virtual home.

“Floorplan Revolution is an amazing tool,” remarked Bill Lynch, principal of Pace Lynch Corporation and project director for Fayetteville, Georgia’s new Pinewood Forrest community. “In this early stage where we don’t have physical structures yet, the tool will play an important role in our pre-selling and marketing efforts.” Pinewood Forrest is a new 234-acre master planned residential and mixed use development located 24 miles south of Atlanta.

To learn more about TRICK 3D’s Floorplan Revolution and to see it in action, visit YouTube and follow on Twitter @TRICK3D and @FloorplanRev.

TRICK 3D is an immersive content studio specializing in the creation of virtual worlds through 3D animation and virtual reality (VR). With deep roots in commercial and original 3D film production, TRICK 3D’s capabilities include virtual worlds and sets, character animation, photo-real renderings and visualization, stereoscopic 3D and more. The studio’s full virtual production pipeline includes a virtual camera system with live motion-tracked camera, as well as a composite and green screen stage. TRICK 3D enables virtual worlds and programming for a variety of clients, including Fortune 100 corporations, such as Aflac and AT&T, as well as entertainment giants like CBS and Turner Broadcasting System. To learn more about TRICK 3D’s capabilities, visit and follow @TRICK3D on Twitter.

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