Vehcon Announces MVerity On-Demand™



ATLANTA– September 7, 2016– –Atlanta-based Vehcon, Inc., an innovator in vehicle data solutions, has enhanced its market-leading MVerity system with MVerity On-Demand™ – the industry’s first no-hardware, no-mobile-app solution to deliver a wide range of timely, accurate and “visually verified” vehicle data.

Expanding on the capabilities of the original MVerity system, MVerity On-Demand uses Vehcon’s patented technologies to collect, validate and report accurate mileage readings, VIN, vehicle configuration and condition, and other key vehicle data – all with the simplicity of taking a picture. Additionally, MVerity On-Demand features new innovations to make the data collection process even easier, faster and more flexible.

Recognizing the varying data needs of insurance carriers, fleet managers and road-use charge programs, MVerity On-Demand lets these organizations request, on-demand and in real time, only the specific data required from each particular user or vehicle. It easily accommodates both structured and ad-hoc data requirements without custom software development or complex data integration.

In addition, MVerity On-Demand operates without requiring users to download a mobile app or install intrusive tracking devices. Any connected mobile device – including smartphones, feature phones and flip-phones – can now be MVerity-enabled, while maintaining complete user privacy and transparency.

“Customers asked for a simpler, more flexible solution, with minimal integration effort and without privacy concerns,” said Fred Blumer, CEO of Vehcon. “In response, we expanded MVerity to accommodate the varying needs of the marketplace. The result is a simple data collection tool for our partners.”

MVerity On-Demand makes its debut at Connected Car USA 2016 in Chicago, IL on September 7-8.

About Vehcon, Inc.

Vehcon extracts authenticated vehicle data using mobile phone-based technologies. The company’s patented solutions capture critical vehicle data, such as accurate mileage, vehicle identification numbers (VINs), vehicle condition and configuration, and more through an interactive, privacy-friendly mobile platform. Founded in 2012 by innovators in vehicle telematics, mobile data analytics and mobile applications, Vehcon is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit

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