Wela Enhances its Free Personal Finance App with Launch of the Benjamin Chatbot




ATLANTA, GA–September 01, 2017– Wela, a personal finance software provider, today announces its latest technology to innovatively and conveniently deliver financial advice to users: the Benjamin chatbot. By extending the personified robo-advisor, Benjamin, as a chatbot on Wela’s mobile app, the company empowers platform users to easily ask their most pressing financial questions and receive personalized answers. Each response is customized based on users’ daily, weekly and monthly spending habits, which Benjamin tracks via artificial intelligence (AI), and serves the greater purpose of moving each user closer to achieving their unique short- and long-term financial goals.

As the first iteration of Benjamin’s bot form, the enhanced technology allows Wela mobile app users to gain greater clarity into their personal financial situation by selecting from a wide variety of frequently asked questions. The Benjamin bot then offers customized answers based on users’ financial information, which is aggregated from more than 13,000 financial institutions, including details about their budget and personal financial goals. Users can also ask questions about navigating through the Wela platform itself to ensure they are unlocking the full capabilities of Wela’s technology.

With a mission to change the way financial advice is delivered, incorporating bot technology into Wela’s capabilities allows users to choose the method they would like to receive financial advice. Whether it’s via Benjamin or free access to Wela’s human advisors, users can have their personalized financial advice delivered in a way that best suits their lifestyle.

“As technology continues to evolve and new generations begin to seek out financial advice, the fintech industry has had to adapt and capitalize on innovations to better meet consumers’ changing demands. Wela is committed to serving these new audiences in the way they want to be reached – one that’s convenient and intuitive, especially for matters as complicated and personal as their finances,” said Matt Reiner, Wela CEO and co-founder. “As we update our AI and bot technology, we’ll continue to train Benjamin with more questions and answers, as well as build the ability for free-form questions from the user.”

Existing Wela users can now access the Benjamin chatbot on Wela’s mobile app. New users can access the technology by downloading the free app for Android devices here and iOS devices here. For more information about Wela, visit www.getwela.com.

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