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12-8-17: First Electronic Cold Pasteurization Center Ready, Hospitality Relates to Gaming? Business Dining Platform Sees Growth, plus DASANI Purefill in the Checkout!

FOOD DAZE: Events to Attend | Dates to Celebrate

CREATE Information Session                                                    December 12

National Cotton Candy Day December 7
National Brownie Day December 8
National Pastry Day December 9
National Lager Day December 10
National Have a Bagel Day December 11

Food Holidays Courtesy of Foodimentary 


COOL: First Electronic Cold Pasteurization Center Nears Completion

McAllen Aerial View

Food operations pioneer ScanTech Sciences announced that it has nearly completed construction of the nation’s first Electronic Cold-Pasteurization™ The Rio Grande Valley Electronic Cold-Pasteurization™ Center will treat produce traveling to and from the United States and Mexico, serving growers, packers, distributors and retailers across the supply chain.

ScanTech Sciences is integrating cold chain best practices with cutting-edge technology for yard management, dock scheduling, conveyor control automation, handling, storage, and finishing to be able to safely and efficiently process produce quickly.


Hospitality Executive Relates Gaming to Guest Experience Tech

Agilysys CEO Ramesh Srinivasan discusses what differentiates Agilysys in gaming and across the hospitality industry, as well as some strategic plans for the organization.

Business Dining Platform Sees High Growth in Consumer Spend

Driven by its preferential connection to business diners and ability to influence which restaurants they frequent, Dinova continues to add high-profile restaurants and companies to its business dining marketplace and expand its reach nationwide.

AgTech Executive Recognized at National Expo

AGCO Corporation awarded Andrew Myburgh of the Wheat Growers the 12th annual Operator of the Year award, in recognition of relentless dedication to improving soils and crops.



Check out the technology behind Coca-Cola’s next-generation water fountain, the DASANI PureFill self-serve water station!

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