PYMENTS: Ingo Money, Visa Executives On Frictionless Transactions


Visa, Ingo Money: Pushing Payments Over The Last (Digital) Mile

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Is the financial technology in place for payments to keep the pace of our busy world?

Millennials are helping to shape expectations of transactions — and what they want is now. No longer do pipes without speed suffice, and no longer are checks enough, for the population in general: $30 trillion in disbursements are set to go digital, according to PYMENTS.

Writer Karen Webster, PYMENTS discusses the trend towards push payments and other frictionless transactions with Ingo Money CEO Drew Edwards and Visa’s SVP, head of U.S. push payments Cecilia Frew. 

“Every consumer already has everything they need to receive a push payment in their wallet today,” said Edwards. Frew added, “The conversation no longer is about helping companies understand why it is valuable. It’s about how to get them up and running on the service quickly and easily.”

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