Rental Landscape Undergoing Major Disruption


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Airbnb is once again causing seismic shifts in the rental and hospitality game, one peaceful takeover at a time. The company in recent weeks has acquired adtech platform AdBasis, U.K. accessibity home-rental database Accomable, and social payments startup Tilt, enabling it to engage the latest interactive marketing, accessibility, and financial services technology to better serve travelers.

AdBasis, originally from Chicago, leverages A/B testing and data analytics to test and optimize search, display and mobile ads. Airbnb plans to utilize its software to expand digital marketing campaigns for its affiliate partners.

Accomable, a mobile home-rental database for people with disabilities,” seeks to bring inclusive travel to everyone. In concert with Accomable, Airbnb has begun to create accessibility filters on mobile and web for users to identify suitable homes for their vacation stay.

Tilt, which the company grabbed in April this year, eases the hassle of planning large group trips by letting itinerants split payments seamlessly among group members. This group payment service makes Airbnb “the first accommodation provider to build and implement a seamless, global split payments feature to travelers around the world.” Dividing the costs of group stays eases the financial burden on trip organizers, and alleviate the pain for travelers to front costs associated with booking.

Airbnb, whose co-founder hails from Atlanta, Georgia, is well on its way to turn the accomodations



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