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ATLANTA, GA– Computers are beating humans in more than Jeopardy games. According to a recent survey by stable|kernel, 56 percent of respondents trust computers more than humans.

stablekernel-logostable|kernel, a mobile software development company, commissioned a survey of mobile product team members to uncover sentiments on the state of technology and its impact on how humans think, communicate and work. Those surveyed included developers, UX designers, mobile product owners and project managers/scrums.

A higher level of trust in technology may soon play a role in other areas, including transportation. Nearly 60 percent of respondents would ride in a self-driving Uber car, with only 16 percent saying they wouldn’t and 25 percent were unsure.

Relating to human interactions, 57 percent of respondents believe augmented and virtual reality will help us relate to each other better. However, more than half (54 percent) think it will be at least three-to-four years before augmented reality is valuable to the general public.

“Innovative technology reduces human error, minimizes labor and alleviates the burden of everyday tasks so humanity has more time to explore onwards,” said Joe Conway, CEO of stable|kernel. “This freedom challenges our understanding of purpose and allows us to live our lives in ways we never imagined.”

Some additional findings include:
· Sixty-three percent anticipate jobs will be lost to AI, but 58 percent feel their jobs won’t
be lost to it.
· Three out of five people (63 percent) would rather use AR and VR to immerse themselves into reality instead of escaping it.
· Fifty-four percent of respondents believe Google will be the most innovative technology company in 20 years.

“Humanity will always find a way to adapt and thrive by taking control of our own evolution,” Conway continued.

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