TAG Radio: “We can leverage the smartphone to make AR/VR accessible to everyone.”


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Get the inside scoop on a gaming start up that was featured at the recent 2017 Georgia Technology Summit.  How does a gaming company get started? How does it plan the future?

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Justin Lennox, founder, Foxtail Games

Justin Lennox, founder of Foxtail Games, describes how AR/VR enable today’s consumers to enter a Brave New World, and what that means across disciplines:

“Everybody likes to have fun. If you can learn while having fun, if you can conduct business while having fun, then why wouldn’t you?”

“AR/VR are at the forefront…Everybody has a smartphone; we can leverage that to make tech accessible to everyone.”

About Foxtail Games

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Located in Athens, Georgia, Foxtail Games is an independent gaming startup that has pioneered the first Mixed Reality gaming experience, Brave New World– a mobile app that combines with physical toy sets to create a video game like no other. Find out more at http://foxtailgames.io/.



Organization Type: Business Enterprise
Industry: Digital Media/Entertainment
Focus: Startups
Location: Athens

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