TAG Summit: Georgia’s “IT” for Innovation in the Tech Industry



The Technology Association of Georgia recently hosted one of the largest tech showcases in the Southeast. So large, in fact, that the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, kicked off day two by noting tech growth in the region has increased 14.68 percent over the past five years – three times the national average!

The growth is no accident. With a highly skilled labor market, low cost of living, diverse range of industries and top notch higher-ed institutions, it is no wonder why software and IT companies are flocking to Georgia as their new home base.

From medical devices that detect cancerous tissue early in a diagnosis to data security platforms that use AI with facial biometrics, the Summit showcased incredibly diverse technology solutions in what is an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Alex Fencl writes an overview about his experience at the 2018 Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Summit.

Read more about The Summit here.


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