AAMP Global Selects Atlanta’s Blue Ridge to Optimize International Supply Chain Operations, Plan for Disruptions

Blue Ridge Global announced today that Clearwater, Florida based AAMP Global, a manufacturer of mobile aftermarket technology for consumer and commercial vehicles, has selected Blue Ridge to streamline its global inventory forecasting and planning operations. Furthermore, AAMP Global is seeking to utilize Blue Ridge technology to lower freight costs, automate transfers and decrease backorders.

AAMP Global has more than 7,000 retail and commercial customers worldwide and more than 30,000 points of distribution. One of the manufacturer’s top priorities is utilizing Blue Ridge technology to better plan for supply chain disruptions, in particular China’s annual three-to-four-week factory shutdown to mark Chinese New Year festivities. In addition to optimizing inventory forecasting and planning, AAMP Global wants to maximize orders to fill overseas containers for shipping.

“One of the reasons we selected Blue Ridge to streamline our supply chain was their expertise in working with manufacturers with overseas operations,” said Mark Wanat, Global Director of IT, AAMP Global. “Their technology creates fully configured orders, economically optimized to our goals for up to 24 months in advance. Order predictions are precise and automated without user intervention, while adhering to order schedules and constraints and SKU level rounding requirements.”

Founded in 1987 and owned by Audax Private Equity, AAMP Global’s technology enables customers to personalize their driving experience on any vehicle, off-road, off-shore or on-road. Features and functions include enhanced audio, improved safety features, in-vehicle entertainment and connected car experiences.

Blue Ridge’s plug-and-play model is quickly configured, not customized, to AAMP Global’s business, allowing more flexibility that will be integrated with Epicor Eclipse. Additionally, their team utilizes Blue Ridge’s LifeLine, ensuring personalized attention, ongoing customer support and long-term results.

“Creating a more predictable future across the entire supply chain network produces rapid, bottom-line results,” said Jim Byrnes, chief executive officer, Blue Ridge. “Our technology delivers precise demand and supply intelligence for synchronized enterprise-wide execution.”

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