Augusta Envisions Cyber Village

Sibley Mill in Augusta, GA

Sibley Mill in Augusta, GA

AUGUSTA, GA– December 30, 2015– Cybersecurity and even a “cyber village” involving Augusta’s Sibley Mill could be potential future strengths for Augusta.

The Sibley Mill is a historic building located on the Augusta Canal at 1717 Goodrich Street near downtown Augusta, Georgia. Built on a site previously occupied by the Confederate Powderworks, the historic complex was completed in 1882.

Sibley Mill’s proximity to the campus of Augusta University, downtown Augusta and Army Cyber Command at Fort Gordon make it an excellent site that could accommodate classes, attract businesses and provide space for cyber security research.

Calling it a “cyber village,” the mill could also offer companies using data centers an advantage in that the mill could potentially generate its own electricity and provide cheaper cooling options, says Augusta University President Brooks Keel.

Keel made the remarks earlier this month before the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce and in an interview with the Augusta Chronicle/Columbia News-Times.

“You can retail data space a heck of a lot cheaper at Sibley Mill than you can at Atlanta, Ga.,” Keel said. “It’s the perfect storm. It’s the confluence of things that are beginning to come together that I think we as a community need to really start doing now to try to make that happen.”

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