BYTES: Georgia Company to Demo New Tech at World Brewing Conference

ShockWave Power™ Reactor in ApoWave System and typical brewing hop pellets

ROME , GA.– July 18, 2016– Hop extraction technology based on the ShockWave Power™ cavitation technology by Rome, Georgia’s own,  Hydro Dynamics, Inc. (HDI) will be part of the World Brewing Congress in Denver, CO on August 13-17, 2016.    Brewers can learn more about cavitation hop extraction in booth #403 as well as through a technical poster presented at the conference. The poster will detail the ability of the technology to increase the amount of alpha acids extracted from hops, a common flavoring in beer. HDI will be exhibiting along with strategic partner Apotek Solutions, LLC.

With the proliferation of craft breweries the demand for hops and prices have increased. When The ShockWave Power™ cavitation technology is applied to the different brewing processes, combined with expertise in hop utilization, it allows brewers to produce beers with less hops and the same great flavors. The ShockWave Power™ technology harnesses the normally destructive power of cavitation and controls it. This allows the pressure fluctuations caused by cavitation to be used for increased hop flavor extraction by reaching the flavors in hop particles that are trapped and would normally go unused.

The ShockWave Power™ technology is an easy retrofit for any brewery and can be applied to more efficiently use bittering hops or aroma hops. The cavitation allows for greater extraction of the flavors without heavy shear that can destroy proteins or create fines that are difficult to separate. Brewers have the potential to produce bitter beers with 50% to 90% less bittering hops and 50% to 75% less aroma hops for dry hopping. Using less hops also allows brewers to produce more beer by throwing away less product in the form of beer soaked hops. Hopping speed can also be increased, especially in dry hopping. Brewers can also use the ShockWave Power™ technology to impart other flavors including fruits, coffee and chocolate. ShockWave Power™ can also provide similar advantages in liquor, wine and other products. Part way through only its first year of commercial availability, the technology is already installed in several breweries and has made award winning beer.

About Hydro Dynamics

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. is located in Rome, Georgia and is the developer and manufacturer of the cavitation based ShockWave Power™ technology embodied in the ShockWave Power™ Reactor (SPR™). The ShockWave Power™ technology uses the physical phenomenon of cavitation, normally known as destructive force, and harnesses it to solve critical industrial mixing, extraction and heating problems. The ShockWave Power™ technology can now be found on four continents in applications ranging from biodiesel production to hops extraction for beer. Learn more at:

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