Coca-Cola Bringing Google-Powered Digital Signage System to Retail, Restaurants, Cinemas and More


coacola digital signage

Coca-Cola is refreshing its interactive marketing with a new digital signage system. In a recent push for innovation, the global soft-drink company has partnered with Google Cloud to deliver highly tailored content digitally to consumers’ smartphones.

This “plug-and-play” system distributes vibrant, eye-catching content–anything from site-specific promotions to full brand campaigns–to HDMI displays at the ends of grocery aisles, movie theatre posters, and restaurant menu boards. At the heart of the targeted messaging is a cloud-based CMS, integrated with Google Chrome devices and Google Kiosk mobile application. Additional wireless beacon technology allows retailers to deliver a relevant, “media-rich experience” to shoppers in the store, according to Greg Chambers, global group director for digital innovation, Coca-Cola.

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