Emory University Opens High-Tech Temporary Dining Hub

emory DUC

Entrance to the DUC-ling, Emory University’s new high-tech interim facility

Emory University’s campus dining hall is getting a modern face lift in concert with construction of  a new Campus Life Center (CLC). For the next two years, an interim DUC-ling constructed of tension fabric stands in place of the old Dobbs University Center (DUC) Market, between the former campus center and the Woodruff P.E. center.

At 42 feet tall and 10,000-square-footage, this facility is designed for durability, energy efficiency and quick assembly. Trucks deliver food directly from a specialized loading dock to the DUC-ling’s kitchens hassle-free.

Dining service employees work within modular kitchen units for food preparation.  These kitchen units host a number of industrial devices: Eight state-of-the-art ovens in total, including ConvoTherm ovens, which use convection and steam at the same time, can power staff through rapid production of over 130 handmade pizzas a day. Extensive walk-in refrigerators and freezers will also be used to produce around 3,600 meals a day when fall semester begins.

 Read full story here: http://news.emory.edu/stories/2017/06/er_ducling/campus.html

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