Georgia Tech awarded DARPA grant to develop new IoT protection


ATLANTA, GA– August 23, 2016– The Georgia Institute of Technology has been issued a $9.4 million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop new ways to protect low-power, embedded IoT devices.

According to ZDNet, the research grant could result in the development of a new way to wirelessly monitor IoT devices for malicious software — without the need to tamper with embedded IoT devices — components which are small, low-power and have specialized functions.

The four-year project, dubbed “Computational Activity Monitoring by Externally Leveraging Involuntary Analog Signals” (CAMELIA) will include members of Georgia Tech’s school of Computer Science, as well as a research team from Northrop-Grumman.

CAMELIA is part of a DARPA program called Leveraging the Analog Domain for Security (LADS) which is currently funding a total of six different projects based on improving IoT security.

Check out the details  about the project on Georgia Tech’s Blog at:

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