Your Exclusive Invite: Magic’s Industry 4.0 event in Atlanta

Dine & Discover with industry leaders on the main challenges in manufacturing today. Exclusive insights on new Magic xpi Integration Platform enhancements designed for operational excellence.

We wish to invite you to an exclusive Dine & Discover, a lunchtime event, with industry leaders on the main challenges for USA manufacturing companies today.

In this event, you will learn how Magic xpi Integration Platform achieves actionable data insights designed for operational excellence and will meet and network with industry leaders to discuss how to:

  • Optimize supply chain
  • Improve Logistics
  • Manage production performance

Hear how Magic xpi integration platform can help you get the actionable insights you need, with its new enhancements designated for manufacturing customers. Magic’s Smart Manufacturing Solutions lead manufacturers on their operational excellence journey. With our Data-Driven Technologies for managing all data, from the shop floor to the top floor, we are providing actionable insights in real-time for key stakeholders.

To learn more, please visit the registration page:

Register now and then look for an email for the agenda and further details. Registering is free but space is limited!

*About Magic Software*
Magic Software is a catalyst for digital transformation for the industrial manufacturing industry. By connecting client information technologies (IT) and operation technologies (OT) while automating associated business processes, Magic facilitates faster response time, cost reduction, and operational efficiencies for industrial manufacturers. Unlike other integration solution providers, Magic quickly implements its technologies and guarantees measurable improvements and benefits with a very fast time-to-value.

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