ATLANTA (June 4, 2015) –FactorTrust, the leading provider of underbanked consumer data, analytics and risk scoring solutions on those underserved by traditional banking channels today announces AFS Acceptance, an established, full service auto finance company, as a new automotive lending customer. Utilizing FactorTrust’s proprietary data and custom scoring models, AFS Acceptance now has the ability to better qualify customers and provide each individual with the best, most customized type of auto loan for their lifestyle.

FactorTrust has provided alternative credit data, analytics and risk management solutions on consumers who lack traditional credit options for lenders since 2005. The company has tens of millions of data points on this consumer segment and works with its customers to enable them to make instant and well-informed lending decisions utilizing its comprehensive scoring platform.

“FactorTrust offers data on a crucial market of non-prime borrowers and helps non-prime lenders make educated lending decisions,” states Greg Rable, CEO of FactorTrust. “Leveraging our data will help AFS Acceptance evaluate borrowers’ ability to repay, allowing the company to lend to reliable consumers and in turn help rehabilitate the credit of non-prime borrowers.”

AFS Acceptance offers Dealer Partners flexible non-prime lending options, underwriting and pricing. The company also offers flexible financing options to consumers. Now, with FactorTrust’s scoring platform, AFS Acceptance can better tailor loans to each specific customer.

“We work specifically with the non-prime demographic to provide greater access to financing options,” says Scot Seagrave, President of AFS Acceptance. “By using FactorTrust’s alternative consumer data, we can uncover new ways to help our consumers gain access to the loans they deserve.”

For more information on FactorTrust, please visit or contact FactorTrust at 1-866-910-8494.

About FactorTrust
FactorTrust has compiled the most comprehensive data on the underbanked market in the industry through lending portfolios that report data daily, in real time. This daily loan performance data on millions of underbanked consumers is analyzed and combined with leading third-party data attributes in order to provide instant lending decisions using the company’s comprehensive scoring platform. Lenders are continually faced with the challenge of how to effectively and intelligently manage risk to capitalize on this segment. This analysis uses data not typically reported to the credit bureaus, and is invaluable in helping consumers have access to better borrowing options, while also providing a more accurate assessment of the consumer for lenders. For more information, please visit or contact FactorTrust at 1-866-910-8494.

About AFS Acceptance
AFS Acceptance is an established, full-service auto finance company that has specialized in serving the subprime financing needs of franchise and independent car dealers since 1996. AFS Acceptance helps their Dealer Partners sell more pre-owned vehicles by providing prompt service with flexible subprime lending options, underwriting and pricing. AFS offers consistent, responsive guidance and support, giving their Dealer Partners a dedicated Account Manager backed by a team of professionals to process and fund contracts quickly. For consumers, AFS Acceptance provides flexible financing options when life events make it difficult to find an automobile loan. Through their network of Dealer Partners across the country, customers can find the financing they need to buy a pre-owned vehicle, moving closer to the benefits of financial freedom by establishing or rehabilitating their credit. For more information, please visit or contact AFS Acceptance at 1-800-437-6241.


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