ARC Survey Asks How Technology, Innovation Might Shape Region’s Future

(ATLANTA – February 23, 2015) More than 8,000 people participated in the first phase of a three-part survey regarding metro Atlanta’s future. The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) hopes to have a similar response to the second phase of the survey, currently available at

The first phase, conducted in the fall of 2014, basically asked respondents to identify and prioritize metro Atlanta’s biggest challenges. This second phase focuses on some new technologies that may impact where and how we travel and live over the next 25 years.

According to the initial survey, the most critical issue facing metro Atlantans is a lack of transportation options. This was followed closely by the needs for more walkable/livable neighborhoods, a workforce trained for today’s jobs and a more secure water supply.

The second survey will deal primarily with the first three of these needs by looking ahead at technology that might change the way we live, work and travel. For example, how might driverless cars and better teleworking technology impact our commutes? Or, what if you had an app on your phone that would match your transportation need with the most appropriate and efficient mode available (think bus, Uber, taxi, etc)? It will also ask respondents about jobs and whether it makes sense to connect the region’s existing and emerging job centers with transit.

How might these three futures, or some combination of them, impact where you live, where you work, how you travel or even whether you own a car?

Responses to all three survey phases are being used to inform The Region’s Plan, a document that assesses and plans for the infrastructure, economy and livability of the Atlanta region through the year 2040.  The Region’s Plan is a collaborative effort being produced by ARC and a wide array of community partners from around the region.

The Region’s Plan is scheduled to be adopted by the ARC board in the spring of 2016. This online survey is your opportunity to tell ARC what you think and help ensure the best possible Atlanta region in the future. See results from the first survey and take the current survey at

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