Aruvio Presents Complimentary Webinar on Communicating Policies and Keeping Them Relevant

GRC 20/20 Expert to Provide Insight on Stronger Policy Conveyance in the Enterprise

Atlanta, Georgia  March 06, 2015

A well-written policy that is not easily understood by employees is like having no policy at all; policy is only effective when employees know and understand it. Scattered approaches for policy access and communication also confuse employees. Every policy should have a communication plan that not only evaluates and determines necessary messaging, training and attestation but also aims to make policies more accessible, social and interactive.

As the organization’s business and regulatory environments change, policies need to adapt and employees need to be aware of these changes. Organizations often overlook or disregard policy maintenance and fail to use metrics as a basis for policy updates. A well-defined, metrics-driven policy management program that monitors and validates compliance, exceptions and incidents is essential to improving policies.

“I am on a mission to refocus organizations on how they approach policy management and communication,” explained GRC 20/20 pundit Michael Rasmussen. “Businesses are not only failing in consistent and effective policy development and management, but also behind the times in how they communicate policies.”

A complimentary educational webinar on updating policies and communicating them throughout the enterprise, the last of a two-part series on improving policy management, will take place Thurs., March 12 at 2:00 pm EST. Online registration is at Mr. Rasmussen will serve as guest speaker.

Rajesh Unadkat, Aruvio Co-Founder and VP Products, said, “We are happy to have Michael Rasmussen, the first industry expert to define and model the GRC market, explain the importance of using next-generation policy and training management to keep employees current with applicable rules and guidelines. Series participants will learn from a respected authority of GRC how to definitively align his or her organization with both new policies and changes to established policies.”

“Explicitly written policies defining what is allowed and disallowed will always be critical for organizations that must reliably achieve objectives while reducing risk and maintaining compliance,” explained Mr. Rasmussen. “In this webinar, we will together explore best practices for engaging employees with organizational policies.”

A free recording of the first part of the webinar series titled “When and How to Write a Policy” is also available at

About Aruvio:
Aruvio, A Virima Technologies Company, is a leading automated, cloud-based Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) solution provider, serving numerous domains such as policy management software, Enterprise IT, Finance, Operations and Legal. The company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, builds and maintains a single, unified record system for compliance, quality, risks and incidents. Advanced reporting capabilities generate rapid performance data and accurate risk-related metrics for developing and managing compliance and quality processes. Learn more about Aruvio at or call 1-855-927-8846.

About GRC 20/20 Research, LLC (GRC 20/20):
GRC 20/20 provides clarity of insight into GRC solutions and strategies through objective market research, benchmarking, training and analysis. The research firm, headquartered in Waterford, WI, provides independent and objective insight into leading GRC practices and processes, including market dynamics and intelligence; risk, regulatory and technology trends; competitive landscapes; market sizing; expenditure priorities; and mergers and acquisitions. For more information about GRC 20/20, visit or call 1-262-332-9188.


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