AssureSign Unveils New E-Signature Interface, Slick Features at World’s Largest Tech Show for Insurance Agents, Applied Net

ATLANTA– October 19, 2015–Electronic signature provider, AssureSign, today released new user interface features for both its enterprise and small business solutions. The new features include multiple e-signer profiles; live tracking of the e-signing progress and a drag-and-drop capability that propels AssureSign as the fastest e-signature process in the market. The news was announced during the 2015 Applied Net Client Network Conference, the world’s largest gathering of insurance agents and brokers.

AssureSign’s new features also allow for multiple e-signers and e-signer profiles to track the e-signing progress, as well as in-line mark ups and editing. Uploaded documents are easy-to-save and can be used as customized templates for future clients. For frequent users, the drag-and-drop feature creates an e-signature document in just minutes, without sacrificing the security and deployment flexibility that its customers demand.

“These new features introduced today highlight AssureSign’s ability to remain nimble and innovative as the electronic signature continues to evolve from an enterprise luxury to a basic business need,” said AssureSign CEO David Brinkman. “This reaffirms our commitment to providing e-signature solutions that offer the ultimate user experience without sacrificing the security and deployment flexibility that our users have come to expect.”

AssureSign’s new interface will improve on its robust feature-set, which already includes form and field validation, customer branding/white labeling, notifications and reminder features, delayed signing (for franchises) and the capability to distribute signed documents to all parties. Additionally, AssureSign remains the only e-sign provider offering flexible deployment methods, which allow customers to launch the product via cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise, depending on their unique IT infrastructure needs.

AssureSign at Applied Net Conference
AssureSign’s new user interface features come just as the company appointed insurance industry veteran Dianna George to general manager of global insurance solutions, underscoring the company’s ongoing commitment to the insurance industry.

“Having worked in the industry for more than 15 years, I know that insurance agents are entrusted with sensitive information from their clients and are responsible for life-impacting decisions,” said George, who has been apart of the Applied client network for more than a decade. “They need a trustworthy, reliable e-signature solution to meet these needs. AssureSign has built long-lasting relationships with its insurance customers and today’s news is an indicator that we’re meeting the ever-changing needs of insurance agents and brokers nationwide. We are thrilled to have a presence at the 2015 Applied Net Client Network Conference and look forward to improving the insurance industry with these new features.”

AssureSign is a Silver Sponsor at the 2015 Applied Net Client Network Conference and is offering attendees the opportunity to test new interface features with a free 90-day trial. Register online or visit AssureSign at Booth 216.

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About AssureSign
AssureSign simplifies the world’s most powerful action – the signature. Available as an on-premise, customizable solution for the enterprise and as an on-demand, SaaS solution for small business, AssureSign enables any business to create and execute a secure and seamless signature experience. By offering the electronic signature industry’s most flexible API, AssureSign has also built an extensive partner program with a proven revenue stream. Founded in 1999, AssureSign has executed over 300 million electronic signatures for many of the world’s most well known brands.

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