AT&T upgrades Cell Sites in Athens


ATHENS, GA– September 10th, 2015– AT&T has made several upgrades to improve service for wireless customers and students returning to the University of Georgia campus. Last month, the company added 60 percent more capacity to four cell sites around Athens and campus. The stronger cell sites will be able to handle more traffic, which helps improve mobile Internet data speeds and voice service for customers.

The areas in Athens benefitting from the network upgrades include downtown Athens, the main UGA campus and the east campus/intramural field area.

The enhancements are in addition to last year’s installation of a multi-million dollar distributive antenna system in Sanford Stadium in order to meet the demands of mobile communication device users on game day. More than 400 small antennae were placed throughout sections of the stadium to help facilitate mobile device use.

AT&T has invested nearly $5.4 billion in its best-in-class wireless and wired networks in Georgia between 2012 through 2014, driving a wide range of upgrades to reliability, coverage, speed and performance for residents and business customers.

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