Celebrate Georgia STEM Day on May 8, 2015

2015 Stem Day Logo-01Support for third annual Georgia STEM Day continues to grow, incorporating real-world relevance in classrooms

ATLANTA (March 31, 2015) TAG Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed), the charitable organization established by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) dedicated to preparing the next-generation workforce, is excited to announce that the third annual Georgia STEM Day will be held Friday, May 8, 2015. Georgia STEM Day is an opportunity for students, educators and organizations to celebrate and engage in activities involving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

“STEM education is vital for providing professional opportunities for students as well as strengthening Georgia’s future workforce and economy,” said Michael Robertson, Executive Director of TAG-Ed. “The momentum behind Georgia STEM Day is building each year, and we’re excited to see how our education and technology communities celebrate this year.”

TAG-Ed is collaborating with the Georgia Department of Education and over 40 Georgia education institutions, associations, and STEM-based companies to support STEM learning on May 8. Last year’s event attracted over 620,000 students from 50 different school districts across the state.

Don’t miss any updates or STEM Day opportunities – register your classroom, school or organization online at http://bit.ly/GASTEMDay. Promoting STEM through hands-on learning activities helps students make the critical connection between the classroom and future career opportunities, and celebrating STEM Day is an easy way to introduce new pathways.

“Creative, hands-on STEM education is a key component of our efforts to personalize education for all of Georgia’s students,” said Richard Woods, Georgia School Superintendent. “The chance to be inventors, makers, problem-solvers and explorers gives our kids purpose and opportunity for the future.”

Learn more about Georgia STEM Day and partnership opportunities by visiting www.tagedonline.org.

Share your celebration on social media with the hashtag #GASTEMDay.

About TAG Education Collaborative

TAG Education Collaborative is dedicated to developing science, technology, engineering and math initiatives in Georgia. Through partnerships with statewide STEM programs, TAG-Ed fosters student interest in STEM in order to increase appreciation for the opportunities available through technology careers. TAG-Ed hosts an internship program for high school students, two web-based team challenges for students interested in Health IT and web design, and the Vine Event, an annual fundraiser benefiting STEM education. For additional information, visit TAG Education Collaborative or contact Michael Robertson at (404) 920 – 2038 or mrobertson@tagonline.org


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