“Focus on Fiber: The Next Frontier – Bridging the Digital Divide”




Hunter Newby Head ShotLeaders Highlight the Next Generation of High-Capacity Broadband Infrastructure

(ATLANTA) – The Internet has become an essential component of modern life. Today, individuals and enterprise organizations are demanding greater accessibility and faster connections to the Internet.

Much of the focus of fiber optic network growth seems to be within urban centers, leaving rural America out of the mix. After rolling out Google Fiber in three cities including Kansas City, Mo., Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah, Google announced in February that nine metro areas – 34 cities in total – were the next candidates for fast fiber optic networks. What about rural America? Although the U.S. leads the world in innovation, it ranked only 16th in broadband deployment on a per capita basis. In 2010, the FCC estimated that 7 million U.S. housing units—about 5 percent of the nation’s housing units—mostly in rural areas—did not have access to wireline broadband service.

Broadband that provides users with advanced global communications and networking opportunities is particularly critical in rural areas. Municipalities, cooperatives, and non-traditional private providers are exploring ways to sponsor, fund and deploy broadband projects in unserved and underserved areas of the U.S.

Join the TAG Infrastructure Society and the TAG International Business Society on April 23rd at Heritage Hall in Sandy Springs from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. as they co-host an explorative panel discussion on the future of fiber optic networks in rural America. Participants include C-level executives from Allied Fiber, Georgia Public Web (GPW), NGN, Sunesys and Tower Cloud. For more information or to register for this lunchtime event sign-up here.

The new generation of fiber network providers understands the importance of rural connectivity and is facilitating rural economic development by deploying high-bandwidth networks that can support the exponential growth of video, cloud computing and other mission-critical applications such as disaster recovery, business continuity and potential data center locations outside of the Metro Atlanta area.

Panel participants include representatives from international, national, statewide and regional organizations:

Hunter Newby, CEO, Allied Fiber

Jim Hendrickson, CTO – Georgia Public Web (GPW)

Paul Belk, CEO – North Georgia Network (NGN)

Ralph Garcia, Business Development Manager – Sunesys

Joe Patton, Vice President, Sales and Business Development – Tower Cloud

MODERATOR: Brian Savory, Principal Consultant – Maxwell, Gordon & Bass

Lunch will be provided for this informative April 23rd presentation; however, registration is required. For more information and details on the speaker lineup, please visit: https://s08.123signup.com/servlet/SignUpMember?PG=1521974182300&P=15219741911428711500&Info.

About TAG Infrastructure

The TAG Infrastructure Society’s mission is to become the expert resource for companies interested in locating their business within the state of Georgia. We believe that maintaining a comprehensive technology report on Georgia’s road, power, water, real-estate and fiber infrastructure, along with the services enabled by these resources, makes Georgia the logical choice for the next high-tech industry destination. For more information visit: http://www.tagonline.org/chapters-and-societies/infrastructure/.
Media Contact: Pat Mahony, Infrastructure Society Board Member (770) 842-3274



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