Green4U Technologies Selects UQM Technologies to Provide eDrive Systems for its Future Electric Vehicle Lineup




BRASELTON, GA —  June 8, 2018  — Green4U Technologies, Inc., an electric vehicle (EV) and EV technologies provider, announces an agreement with UQM Technologies Inc. to provide UQM automotive propulsion eDrive systems for Green4U’s upcoming EVs such as SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans suitable for both commercial fleet and consumer use.

The initial order is for drivetrains comprising UQM’s PP135 automotive propulsion system and a UQM-sourced single-speed transmission. Green4U engineers will use this system to drive a variety of EV models as it begins real-world testing. The company anticipates starting EV production in 2019.

“UQM has been a player in the global EV space and is a leading technology provider. We are very pleased to have UQM as our electric drive supplier,” said Don Panoz, Green4U Technologies, Inc. chairman and founder. “Our business will focus on fleet operators who know EVs can greatly lower their operating costs, potentially saving thousands of dollars through lower fuel and maintenance costs. And our expertise creating strong and very lightweight aluminum and composite automotive structures directly helps our quest to maximize our future EV models’ single-charge range.”

According to UQM CEO Joseph Mitchell, “This collaboration between UQM and Green4U and selection of UQM to be Green4U’s eDrive supplier of choice is another example of our superior performance and value being recognized in the industry. We are thrilled to partner with Green4U and Don Panoz to support their growth and entry into this market.”

First Green4U EVs scheduled to go on sale in 2018
This summer Green4U will begin selling its first all-electric vehicles, the Surge and Surge S neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV) that are designed with comfort and security features normally found in every day cars but currently uncommon among existing low-speed, open-to-the-elements electric transportation options like golf carts.

Intended for both fleet and individual use, the Surge and Surge S NEVs are street legal for use on roads with posted speeds limits of 35 mph or less, can be registered and insured, and the base model offers up to 50 miles of range on a single charge. Ideal for corporate or school campuses, resorts, large facilities, warehouses, and gated and/or retirement communities and neighborhoods, they provide many car-like features such as locking doors; operational windows; climate control; headlights, taillights and turn signals; and an instrument cluster with power management gauges.

Green4U Technologies, Inc. plans to release official Surge and Surge S NEV availability and specification details in the near future. It currently is developing its retail distribution network. Companies interested in representing Green4U Technologies’ EV products can reach company representatives by calling 706-658-2025 or emailing

About Green4U Technologies
Green4U is working to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles from taxi fleets, municipalities, military organizations, logistics companies and consumers. Green4U’s founders conducted extensive market analysis and industry due diligence and confirmed that a significant market opportunity exists for a new business model that provides clean, reliable and lower cost EV alternatives to organizations that place a high priority on sustainability and are attracted to an EV fleet’s substantially lower operating costs. For more information, please visit


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