Halo announces the release of Pipeline Advisor powered by Microsoft Azure

Halo has just released Pipeline Advisor powered by Azure, its latest application developed specifically for Dynamics CRM customers to provide highly targeted sales KPIs and metrics on demand. Four analytics dashboards provide more focused views of the sales pipeline – Bookings Forecast, Pipeline Risk, Revenue by
Employee and Employee Scorecard – with more views and reports coming.

Pipeline Advisor removes the need to manipulate CSV files or database extracts as must be done today to combine entities within Dynamics CRM. Pipeline Advisor connects seamlessly to any Dynamics CRM instance to analyze and report on sales data with greater focus and relevance.

Keith Peterson, CEO and President of Halo, reported in a board meeting that, “As intensive Dynamics CRM online users ourselves, Pipeline Advisor has filled a clear gap in the Microsoft product offering, providing much needed visibility into the sales pipeline and employee performance. We find it tremendously useful and we’re sure that other users of Azure and Dynamics CRM will, too.”

The Pipeline Advisor new product launch was in collaboration with the Microsoft Global ISV program. The development and various marketing support Halo will receive from Microsoft is invaluable to their Cloud Apps initiatives and allows Halo to continue to develop ground-breaking solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics

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