Holographic Optical Technologies Launches Kickstarter, Offering True 3D Holograms

AUGUSTA, Ga.July 9th, 2015— Holographic Optical Technologies, innovator in the field of medical holography, has made its Voxgram hologram technology available to the consumer market through its just-launched Kickstarter campaign:


The company is debuting its first consumer product through the campaign, the eight-inch Voxbox hologram viewer. This product is offered as a reward, along with its more established, medical-grade unit, the Voxbox Pro.

Kickstarter backers may choose from a variety of prerecorded 3D holograms, but the company also encourages its backers to think big, and is thus offering an option allowing backers to create their own custom holograms. According to the campaign, “nearly any set of 3D data” can be made into a custom Voxgram hologram, including 3D photographs, video game characters, or architectural and engineering models.

Tech-savvy backers will also be able to choose the company’s Developer Kit as a reward. This kit includes all of the electronic and optical hardware needed to build a Voxbox hologram viewer, and the 3D printer files needed to produce the viewer’s structural components and exterior housing. The company invites backers to incorporate the Voxgram Developer Kit to their own creative projects, and hopes to make low-cost holography accessible to all.

The company’s larger, 22-inch Voxbox Pro is being offered at a discounted rate to encourage physicians and professionals to bring holography into their practices. Medical holography has obvious benefits to physicians for diagnostic purposes, and, patients can also benefit the most from seeing a hologram. When a patient sees a Voxgram hologram, they immediately have a better understanding of their condition versus viewing other forms of medical imaging such as 2D images from CT and MR scans.

Other industries may also benefit from holography. Architects and engineers can show the details of their projects as easily understandable holograms. Real estate professionals can use holography for display or advertising to give potential buyers full color, 3D models of properties without leaving the office.

The company hopes to use this campaign as a showcase for how true 3D holography may enter mainstream culture. Since Voxgram holograms can be made from almost any 3D data, the applications are nearly limitless. Any field where visual media is used, such as advertising, entertainment, education, the arts, and science can be enhanced through the use of holography.

For more information about Holographic Optical Technologies, visit HolographicOpticalTech.com.

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