House Passes Cyber Networks Protection Bill

(WASHINGTON, D.C.– April 22, 2015) – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1560, the Protecting Cyber Networks Act. The bill encourages and protects information sharing on cyber threats between private companies, private companies to and from the government, while safeguarding personally identifiable information from being exchanged during the process. Congressman Westmoreland voted in favor of this bill.

“Georgia is home to many companies that deal with sensitive data on a daily basis,” stated Westmoreland. “And after the recent hacks against major corporations, I spoke to industry leaders in our state and across the nation about how we can make the information sharing between industries and the government stronger to better protect our nation. The Protecting Cyber Networks Act is a bipartisan step forward in protecting businesses and citizens from being the next victim of a cyberattack.”

The Protecting Cyber Networks Act authorizes private to private, private to government, and government to private threat sharing capabilities, only after all personal identifiable information has been stripped – meaning personal data is not included in the threat sharing. The bill helps devastating cyberattacks from going unnoticed, or only shared months after the attack. The Protecting Cyber Networks Act does not hold companies liable for sharing the threats and encourages businesses to work together and with the government to prevent and eliminate cyberattacks.

“Cyberterrorism is the new battlefield and adapting to this warfare is crucial to eliminating these threats. By allowing American businesses to alert other companies and the government of specific threats, and only the threats, the Protecting Cyber Networks Act can help shut down the cybercriminals from stealing sensitive information or causing devastating damage to our networks. With the government and private sector working together, we can put America on the offense against future cyberattacks.”

Congressman Westmoreland serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on the NSA and Cybersecurity on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.


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