LightFreq Square2, the Smart, Music-Streaming Light Bulb, Makes its Debut on Indiegogo

ATLANTA- June 23, 2015– The LightFreq team launched LightFreq Square2 on Indiegogo yesterday, after successfully funding their first product on Kickstarter, and has already reached 50 percent of its $50,000 funding goal. Square2 is a cost-effective and simple-to-use system that is part intercom, part speaker, part light bulb and so much more. The team behind LightFreq is looking to fund further development of the smart light bulb and accompanying app, switCH.

Square2 lets users start their day with audio traffic alerts and weather notifications and will provide social network notifications throughout the day. It’s also easily controlled through the use of the new and improved app, called switCH, that’s compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices, as well as Apple Watch. The app allows users to easily swipe up or down to determine the settings of their Square2’s color wheel, themes, dimming and power settings. With switCH, users also have the ability to control multiple Square2s throughout their home with their smartphones, tablets, watches and laptops.

“We’re glad to be back and better than ever,” said the team behind LightFreq. “Our backers are the biggest part of our success, which is why our first project did so well. We’re hoping, with their continued support, we can bring them LightFreq Square2, which we hope they’ll love just as much.”

With its built-in 2” 20-watt full range speaker, users can listen to streaming music or use their Square2 as a whole house intercom system. For those who are trying to liven things up, Sqaure2 has party modes along with 16 million color combinations. These smart light bulbs are also motion-activated which means that when users leave a room, that room’s Square2 will turn off and another will turn on in the next room. As long as users have their smart device on them, Square2’s wake-up mode can wake users up to light, sound or both on the closest Square2.

Backers can pre-order two LightFreq Square2s on Indiegogo for $175 or upgrade from their original LightFreq for just $35. For more information about Square2 visit


The LightFreq team has extensive experience in music, engineering, coding, product and graphic design as well as app development. With degrees from Purdue, Arizona state, Cleveland State and technical schools, the LightFreq team combines prestigious education with experience. LightFreq Inc. has a mission to bring innovative technology and sound/light together in various ways- the LightFreq Bulb is just the first of many products to come. Learn more about LightFreq Inc. here:

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