Microsoft Partners With N3 For Innovative Social Media Listening Program


ATLANTA–(February 25th, 2014)–Leading global demand generation and sales execution firm N3 has been tapped by Microsoft for a multi-year contract to expand use of N3’s social media services. The program monitors mentions of Microsoft and its products on social media channels, opening the door to direct engagement with customers. N3 will employ 50 experts to review user-generated content discussing Microsoft on Twitter and Facebook.

The N3 social media team will sort messages by product, such as Windows, Xbox, or SharePoint, and filter based on content, then route to the most appropriate Microsoft agent. The program aims to engage with more than 40% of Microsoft’s worldwide social content that is identified as a question, complaint, or sales lead.

“N3 is a great partner and very flexible to work with. They quickly proved they can understand the nuances in social conversations, both tech and product, and ensure messages are routed to the right teams. I was impressed with how rapidly they ramped up the support team. I appreciate the investment they’ve made in developing the team and practices to offer a world-class triage team,” said Kyle Cressman, Group Manager of Digital and Social Marketing at Microsoft.

“In today’s fast moving environment, all companies need to be listening to what customers are saying on social media because that’s where the new generation lives and communicates,” added Marcel Florez, Senior Vice President at N3. “Sales leads, brand advocates, and opportunities for service recovery abound all over the social media ecosystem, and successfully navigating that space with solid strategy and planning yields powerful and measurable results.”

Drawing on N3’s multidisciplinary expertise in digital services, marketing automation, and social marketing, this program is expected to review millions of messages in multiple languages over three years. It includes those directly addressed to Microsoft and messages that mention the company or its brands passively. With more than ten years of experience implementing technology programs to generate market demand for multinational software companies, N3 is perfectly positioned to lead this project with Microsoft.

About N3

N3 designs and executes large-scale, outsourced sales and marketing campaigns leveraging digital marketing, tele-based sales and custom analytics. A proven leader in the technology industry, we deliver results for domestic and global campaigns with our performance-based approach.

Founded in 2004, N3 has a 10-year track record of successful technology, software and manufacturing demand generation. N3 employs highly skilled, customer-focused people worldwide with the ability to deliver in 70+ languages. Headquartered in Atlanta, N3 offers global resources with offices in Beijing, Costa Rica, Dublin, London, and Seattle.

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