New Incentive Solutions Mobile Technology Featured in Incentives Magazine

ATLANTA — September 28, 2015–Incentive Solutions, an incentive provider in Atlanta, recently attracted the attention of Incentive magazine with their cutting edge mobile app technology. The Incentive Solutions incentive program mobile app, released earlier this year, has the potential to make the incentive reward process more productive and profitable for Incentive Solutions’ B2B customer loyalty and sales channel clients. Incentive magazine’s article on the mobile app highlights its key features and benefits, along with insights from Incentive Solutions CEO Steve Damerow.

Mobile incentive program apps can impact the B2B industry by speeding up the sales claims submission and reward redemption processes. Speaking frankly about the issues supply chain businesses face when instating incentive programs, Steve Damerow told Incentive magazine, “The fact of the matter is, the people making the sales are the guys bending over installing that water heater. They’re not sitting in front of a PC.” Mobile apps allow sales reps to easily integrate their incentive program participation into the on-the-go nature of their jobs.

To illustrate the incentive program mobile app’s real-world impact, Damerow gave the following example: “Bill is an HVAC installer. He buys his units from two or three different distributors. Bill sells a commercial air conditioner to Bob’s store. Instead of having to fill out a form online or on paper, Bill can take a picture of the install with his smartphone of a QR code, bar code, or unique identifying number [on the product], and fill in the buyer’s contact information.” This not only simplifies the sales claims submission process, but the warranty can be automatically filled out with the available information. Bill can instantly receive reward points for the sale, which he can then spend on items in an extensive online reward catalog. In addition, Bill’s partner supplier now has Bob’s warranty information, so they can target Bob with products and offers in the future.

New Incentive Solutions technology is among the many valuable incentive insights and news stories regularly published in Incentive magazine. Incentive Solutions supports and shares Incentive magazine’s drive to improve markets and innovation by helping companies manage sales channel relationships, engage employees and refine marketing strategies using incentive programs.

About Incentive Solutions

Incentive Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1994 and is based in Atlanta, GA. Part of The ISI Group, consisting of Incentive Solutions, Loyaltyworks and Travel Solutions, Incentive Solutions offers online rewards, travel incentives and debit card reward programs. Since its creation, Incentive Solutions has been an innovator in the incentive industry by utilizing emerging online technologies that help companies increase sales, engage and motivate employees, encourage customer loyalty, create positive work environments, and enrich sales channel relationships. Learn more at

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