June 25th, 2015–Atlanta, GA – More than 350 companies have shown a 16% year-over-year increase in call volume since Q1 of 2014. CallRail, the call tracking and analytics platform of choice for businesses and their marketing agencies, measured the Q1 2015 volume growth for a representative sample of its customers across varying industries.

Based on the first quarter alone, CallRail is projecting steady inbound call growth across service industries, such as auto repair shops, hair salons, dentists and medical clinics, for the remainder of the 2015. March showed the largest year-over-year increase in call volume at 22%. February showed a 17% increase, and January a 10% increase.

A stronger U.S. economy and increasing mobile device usage are driving much of the uptick. More calls than ever are being sourced from mobile devices like smartphones, where getting connected is as simple as tapping click-to-call. The trend is likely to continue and underscores the increasing importance of mobile marketing for small to medium businesses who rely on phone calls as their primary inbound lead channel.
“We’re excited to see small businesses doing so well. Such compelling year-over-year growth in calls means businesses have even more reasons to invest in mobile marketing in 2015. We believe when it’s this easy to click-to-call a business, understanding what marketing drove those calls should be just as easy,” says Andy Powell, co-founder and CEO of CallRail.
“We use CallRail for our Clients because we would be flying blind if we didn’t track phone call leads. How would you know that your digital marketing efforts are working or not without call tracking? You can’t improve what you don’t measure,” says Dat To of Powered by Search, founders of InboundCon. “After you know how many phone leads are coming in, then you can move on to much more interesting questions that CallRail software can answer.”

About CallRail
CallRail, based in Atlanta, GA, provides call tracking and analytics services to more than 20,000 businesses and marketing agencies in United States and Canada. CallRail’s easy-to-use cloud platform helps business owners discover which marketing campaigns and search keywords are driving valuable phone calls. Businesses use the call analytics to optimize advertising campaigns, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. The company was recently named as one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in Atlanta by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Learn more at www.callrail.com.


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