Savannah Children’s Choir asking for donations of used Ipods or other devices for rehearsal assessments

Starting this spring, the Savannah Children’s Choir (SCC) will begin offering weekly assessments for their members at the end of each rehearsal. The assessments, in the form of an online quiz, provide organizers up to the minute information on how to better plan upcoming rehearsals.

“Our Director of Education, Emmy Williams, is in the forefront of developing resource-rich lessons to engage and challenge our members,” comments Roger Moss, SCC’s co-founder and Director of Development. “Since its inception, the SCC has looked for ways to bundle existing technology to expand the reach of our organization, and this is a logical next step in this process.”

While a number of SCC members possess their own smart phones or Ipods and Ipads, others don’t. The SCC is currently seeking donations of used Ipods, Ipads and other wifi-enabled devices to provide the same assessment tools to those members who don’t have access to these devices.

“Our goal is to have a “classroom set” of wifi-enabled devices – Ipods, Ipads, etc. – that we can use for end of rehearsal assessments. They need to have an internal camera in order to read a QR code, have input capabilities to click on questions, and wifi in order to submit answers,” explains Emmy Williams, SCC Director of Education.

The SCC will be partnering with Digital Doc – Computer Repair for Apple & PC for this project. Located at 1909 Abercorn Street, Digital Doc is known for their expertise in fixing hardware and software with laptops, desktops, Iphones and more. Digital Doc will accept donations at their offices to be refurbished or wiped as needed. They will collect donor’s information and donors will then receive written acknowledgment from the SCC for their donation.

Donations of devices are needed by January 23. For more information, or to check if your device is compatible, please contact Digital Doc at (912) 228-5968.

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