Sensiotec Receives SSA 2015 Impact Award for Emerging Mega Trends

(Atlanta, GA –April 29, 2015)– Sensiotec Inc., a biosensing and health information technology company, announced today that it has received the SSA 2015 Impact Award for Emerging Mega Trends for the company’s Virtual Medical Assistant® (VMA). VMA is a cross-platform solution that is reinventing patient monitoring with a primary focus on the post-acute clinical care market. The award is given annually by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and the Southeastern Software Association (SSA).

The Southeastern Software Association (SSA) is one of the country’s premier networking and professional development organizations for high-tech and software professionals. SESA is one of the South’s oldest technology organizations and is a who’s who of Atlanta technology companies and executives for software companies doing business in Georgia.

VMA is the world’s first non-contact patient monitoring solution. The technology’s ambient biosensing platform employs a non-contact sensor panel that is FCC-certified and FDA-cleared as a 510(k) Class II medical device. The panel is placed unobtrusively under a patient’s bed or chair at the point of care. This provides a completely passive patient monitoring experience unencumbered by electrodes or pads that touch the skin or otherwise require direct or indirect contact with the patient.

The sensor panel transmits and receives continuous, low power, sub-nanosecond radar pulses that penetrate the body and reflect the micro-motion of the internal organs and clinically significant macro-movements. The reflected pulses are processed onboard the sensor panel, converted to actionable, real-time biometric data, encrypted and relayed continuously to our HIPAA-compliant cloud server, which captures approximately 400,000 data points per patient per hour.

“Clinical monitoring in the post-acute healthcare space is virtually nonexistent,” explained Robert Arkin, Sensiotec’s founder and CEO. “We are changing chronic disease management for the better by providing actionable, high value, low-cost patient data any time, any place to improve patient care and outcomes, increase patient safety, and control costs.”

About The Southeastern Software Association (SSA)
The Southeastern Software Association strives to be the catalyst that helps to drive economic growth of the software and information technology industry by attracting and supporting the advancement of innovative companies, talent and capital in the region.

About Sensiotec, Inc.
Sensiotec is reinventing patient monitoring with its Virtual Medical Assistant® (VMA), a scalable, cross platform solution that integrates award-winning, ambient biosensing technology with a HIPAA-compliant cloud server and proprietary web applications to create a non-contact, clinical mHealth patient monitoring solution focused primarily on the post-acute clinical care market. Sensiotec is based at Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Center (ATDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2014, the company received the Phoenix Award for Start-up of the Year from the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the “Best of the Best” Top 10 Innovation Award and the People’s Choice Award for Breakthrough Technology from the Technology Association of Georgia. Sensiotec has also received the Healthcare Heroes Award for Innovation.

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