Telemate.Net Software Expands its Unified Communications Analytics Capabilities

NORCROSS, GA– July 8th, 2015– TeleMate.Net Software has introduced the first and only Universal UC Analytic solution that can sit across the entire UC stack to provide relevant and actionable data for not only IT, but more importantly, business stake-holders.

TeleMate is branded the Universal UC Analytics Solution due to its robust capabilities that span across the entire UC Stack; Voice, Video, IM/Presence, Contact Center, and other data network systems. In addition, to being UC component agnostic, it is also UC component manufacture agnostic providing visibility into blended Cisco, Microsoft, Polycom, Acano, Vidyo, Avaya, Unify deployments.

“Our Universal UC Analytics capabilities are game changing,” said Steve Tabaska, TeleMate’s CEO. “A consistent theme from our customers are the challenges with managing silo’d tools to help them stitch together inadequate information. Having accurate real-time information is the foundation for solid decision making within any business.”

TeleMate’s Universal UC Analytics capabilities are a must for enterprises and services providers who are managing a multitude of UC solutions and manufacturers but are failing at providing both high-level and granular visibility into how the technology is being used, adoption rates, quality of experience, and the impact on the network.

“TeleMate has 30 years of experience collecting, normalizing and binding extremely complex data into easy to understand actionable information,” said John O’Reilly, President & COO of TeleMate. “Chances are, we have encountered and cleared hurdles that competitors and service provider who have adopted a build strategy, have yet to encounter.”

TeleMate’s role-based analytics capabilities ensures that virtually every functional area in the organization is provided relevant analytics in a format that’s easily digestible. For example, interactive heat maps for executives, trending line graphs for IT and granular user trending details for business stake-holders. TeleMate provides the ability to deploy in a multi-tenet environment for easier management and visibility of both internal and external customers. In addition, TeleMate’s Universal UC Analytics solutions can be deployed as an on premise VM software license or Cloud (SaaS) model for ultimate deployment flexibility.


TeleMate.Net Software is a global leader in providing scalable unified communication analytic and web security solutions. Our product families including, TeleMate UC Analytics, NetSpective Web Filter, and NetAuditor Event Manager are considered products of choice for the Fortune 1000, Federal and State Governments.

As a pioneer in the UC Analytic space, TeleMate has more than 18,000 installations worldwide.

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