Wela Launches Web-Based Investment Services via www.YourWela.com

(ATLANTA- January 23, 2014) –Wela, a financial technology company in the Atlanta Tech Village, announced today that – after more than a year of development and planning – online financial platform YourWela.com has launched. Via the website, Wela is attempting to reach a younger generation of clientele and to encourage them to start saving and investing earlier than ever before.

Wela is a digitial advisor, using technology to make investing accessible to everyone and helping people connect to their financial goals. Wela also offers what robo-advisors don’t – a live financial advisor to consult on the specific needs and questions of each client. Users of the YourWela.com tools and even the advice do not have to be investment clients with Wela. Tools include:

• Savings goal tool – the ability to see how much a user needs to save to get to certain asset amounts, like $1 million.
• A tool to help users discover how much house he/she can afford based on current income
• A tool to tell users how long it will take to pay off current debt.
• A tool to tell how much you need to save every year for kids’ college.
• A game plan providing users a custom plan from one of Wela Strategies’ advisors.
• 401k allocation tool – by providing age and risk tolerance, a user can get back a suggested allocation.
• And, an ability to see how users stack up relative to their peers in regards to income and savings.

According to Matt Reiner, Partner at Wela, this new technology will not take away from the traditional client/financial advisor experience. Reiner says, “The technology that we are implementing is not meant to separate us from our clients. What makes Wela different is our ability to reach investors as a part of their daily lives and in ways that are more convenient and simple for actively managing finances.” Reiner continues, “Providing the ability for a client to aggregate and maintain accounts, interact with our advisors via Skype/FaceTime, and stay up-to-date with financial news is key. This client portal, YourWela.com, is a one-stop financial home for clients.”

About Wela: Wela is a financial technology company that provides a platform for individuals to aggregate their assets, set goals and track their financial progress. The technology allows users to easily access Wela Strategies, a registered independent investment advisor providing investors with portfolio management that leverages institutional research to design low-cost, tax efficient, ETF model portfolios that are age and/or time horizon based. Wela is specifically designed to accommodate investors with targeted investable assets of $500k or less. For more information on Wela, visit www.YourWela.com or call 678-608-0420.


Andrea Rizk is the CEO of Rizk Public Relations.

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